Don’t let em see you sweat

I’ll be okay just not today .
Photo Credit : Aleksandar Pasaric

It hurts but it / he always has and with it over it will eventually stop hurting , finally , right ?

3 thoughts on “Don’t let em see you sweat

    1. So true at least if we don’t continue to make it worse or don’t change a negative/toxic behavior but if we want something to get better then it is within grasp..

      Honestly I don’t know what I posted that this is commented toward do my generic fluff response above may very well be nonsensical within the context or completely off base lolol.

      I miss you! My phones situation has once again been a shitshow so I always end up losing that app we were using and then it never notified me so I out-of-sight-out-of-mind it and then I feel guilty and like I’ve missed out not chatting with you and blah blah blah so have you tried Snapchat yet?! I love it except that the messages disappear and I’ve looked abd that seems unchangeable except to allow a little longer stay … But it’s so much fun ! Bahaha o was going to just add international texting for 5 bucks so ill check that and let you know.

      Snapchat handle :; glitcheygirl
      I miss you!!
      New # too same first 3 digits as old and then two4one9five7five still have the old one but the girls use it as the house phone when I’m not home.


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