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I’m still here, just there here. I’ll be here, here too.
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iNdubitably iNaNe

8 minute thought-write [type thoughts verbatim no deleting or
correcting grammar. edit for visual style only]

If I let my mind
wander what will I find? A rainbow? A duck. Happenings. Bittersweet
undoings of epic proportions. When I think too much it leaves me
rough and tumbling about without.. Cause for concern no I will earn
and think of a way around. I like free thought write to get out
tonight a way to stop overthinking. Never doubt myself but that is
absurd. I wish. I wallow and forget to swallow or swish? I don’t
know how about dish. The dirt it seems to be the way people entertain
themselves. Other’s misfortune gets you popular for calling out the
family on blast for being. No rules of decency yet new rules of
standards of what is abusive language piss me off. Contradict
probably. Hypocrisy no not on that at least…

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forgetting the unknown

iNdubitably iNaNe

I can’t stop!
Do I want to stop?
I do, I definitely do, I hate driving myself craZy!
Do I get bored of the lack of drama?
Am I causing it?
No. It’s definitely not my fault.
But I am perpetuating the state of affairs (ugh yes affairs..)

I have no solid proof. I get confused as to what I would need to have? Do I need a recording of them in the throws of passion (bleh makes me sick to think) or is my knowing that for the umpteenth time he is acting like he is cheating (admittedly as well) and him acknowledging my proof of inappropriate communication with another female (though since been disappeared from existence) enough?
I’m just belittled and ridiculed that I am craZy and making something out of nothing like always.
Okay I’ve been here I’m used to it.
This time though I’m remembering…

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