Reblog: The Simplicity of Happiness

StoP giVing A FuCk! Here is an interesting perspective and how to on bettering our lives by not concerning ourselves with material things or other people’s opinions of us.
A quote quoted in the post:

“Not giving a f*ck does not mean being indifferent, it means being comfortable with being different”

Mark Mason

I don’t get it but now I can’t share like I did with Emma Scarr’s. It doesn’t seem to connect or add the post/link. Anyone know what the issue is.

So click the quote to go to the post I’m reblogging and enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “Reblog: The Simplicity of Happiness

  1. Sometime you have to wait a bit before buttons work on pages. Behind the things WordPress, the domain or site itself is loading a lot of hidden stuff (i.e. analytical, data collecting, loading of advertisements, etc) which slow the loading of “picture” (<–the buttons and functions behind them). Try again later, I'm sure you'll be able to. I'll reblog at mine. A local "recovery center" here actually uses this book for their groups.

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