day 12 – making baby steps

I am wanting to focus on the positive more and also make real steps (not yet willing to do the 12 steps) forward in my sobriety. Part of doing so is being more active on this blog and my goal for this week is to post an update on my sobriety at least once daily AND to get two very true anecdotes added to my thus far empty “Maze of Addiction (Stories of a Dope Fiend)” category!!
Bravo, patting myself on the back, for the creation of an achievable goal. Starting the day off in the right direction.

My gratitude list:
1. My daughters (they’re amazing in every way)
2. My boyfriend (support and love)
3. My dad (support and love)
4. God (we’re working on our relationship, mostly my faith)
5. My temp job (having me working still)
6. My car (thanks dad!)
7. My life (waking up to another day is an under-appreciated gift)
8. My apartment (been homeless so always grateful)
9. My mom (surprisingly so after so many years of not)
10. My health (mental and physical doing alright)

And now I must run to work as I’m setting myself up to be running behind by continuing to type! More soon!

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